Terms and conditions

The Kanwal family are keen to have Late (Retd.) Brig. Grumeet Kanwal’s work, available to all researchers, scholars, students and organizations to refer to, quote in their dissertations, research, shows and articles. We wish to empower all interested in the subject of Indian National Security and Strategy, to engage in his views, quote them to disseminate his ideas, thoughts and suggestions effectively and globally.

You are free to view, read and print his articles and other media, use them in your articles and shows, share, quote his articles and other media, freely.

You are humbly requested only to definitely give a hyperlink to the article you have quoted from his site.

Please cite Brig. Kanwal for any of his work, failing to do so would allow the Kanwal family to pursue any form of legal action they deem fit. Please read, debate, agree, disagree, challenge and use his thoughts and writings in a way that is constructive and helps in nation building.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Kanwal family