The New Arthashastra: A Security Strategy for India

For a country that has fought five wars and is hemmed in by nuclear-armed states, India surprisingly does not have a formally decleared national security strategy.

All the major powers of the world publish documents that spell out their national interests, identify their threats - Political, Economic, Diplomatic or with regard to security -  and draw up policies to deal with them. The absence of a similar doctrine makes India's defence policy look ad hoc and creates the impression that the country is unprepared to realize its global ambitions.

The New arthashastra is a path-breaking attempt to recommend a national security strategy for India. It does the difficult groundwork for India's political leaders and policymakers by bringing the best names - from within the community as well as from the armed forces and academia - to the ideating table.

This collection of twenty essays covers a wide range of topics: nuclear deterrence, defence spending, the domestic production of weapons and bracing for the wars of the future that will be fought in space and cyberspace. Most important , it presents a roadmap to address India's chief concerns: Chinese assertiveness and Pakistan's unrelenting proxy war.

Informed by the expertise of analysts with inside-out Knowledge of their domains, The New Arthashstra offers enduring and practical insights to strategists and lay readers alike.