kargil '99 : Blood,Guts and Firepower

Operation Vijay in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir during the summer months of 19999, was a joint infantry-artillery endeavour to evict pakistani regular soldiers who had occupied un-held high-altitude mountain peaks and ridgelines and entrenched themselves in hastily constructed sangars in the Dras, Mushkoh Valley, Kaksar and Batalik sub-sectors. Mountains favour the defender and it took massive and sustained artillery firepower to destroy the intruders' sangars and systematically break their will to fight through a process of attrition. Never in the history of modern military combat, had so much depended on the overwhelming might of the guns, howitzers, mortars adn rocket launchers of the artillery.

This book is dedicated to the heroes of Kargil and captures in graphic detail the awesome beauty of the stark mountainous terrain and the thunder of the big guns of kargil that made it possible for the Indian army to comprehensively defeat the pakistani army once again. The photographs are a visual delight and tell their own stories of indomitable courage and unshakeable steadfastness.