A dastardly act, measured reaction expected from us

The Pakistan army's dastardly act of crossing the LoC, killing Indian soldiers and mutilating their bodies in an inhuman manner is worthy of condemnation in the strongest terms. During the Kargil conflict in 1999, too, the Pakistan army - dubbed 'rogue army'- had returned badly mutilated bodies of Indian soldiers. Such incidents serve to further damage the dubious reputation of an army that has repeatedly let down its country.
But, there is a need for a measured response from the Indian side at the diplomatic and military levels. India should demand a speedy trial to punish the soldiers involved in the killings. If their response is unsatisfactory, India should suspend all dialogue with Pakistan.
The aim of initiating appropriate military measures should be to inflict deterrent punishment so that the Pakistan army learns the right lessons. Several direct and indirect military options can be exercised without unduly escalating the exchanges to dangerous levels. The most suitable would be to raze to the ground the forward post of 29 Baloch Regiment from which the vicious attack took place. This should be done by directly firing rockets and missiles at them.
The message must go home that while India has no grouse against Pakistan's people, its army's cruelty will no longer be countenanced.